Nuera Group of Companies

Nuera approached us in January 2013 to build a website for their group of construction, contracting, and consulting entities. Nuera operates in both the U.S. and Canada, and serves a diverse group of clients. They wanted a site that was modern, competitive with their competitors’ websites, embraced the company culture, and had a back-end management system that was easy to use. It needed to have a company blog, a portfolio where they should show the status of numerous construction projects, and a secure link to an FTP server where clients could log in to see confidential documents.  Though they had been operating and growing their company for a number of years, the leadership team simply didn’t have the time to build their own site.

We built Nuera a fully functional site which runs on our customized version of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). In under three months, we launched Nuera’s first website. It is responsive, meaning that it automatically resizes itself to fit any screen, eliminating the need for a mobile version. Nuera’s marketing staff now take a large part on the day-to-day updating of the site, and were able to use the custom CMS with minimal training required.

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