Consulting & Auditing

I.T. & Security Auditing

Procedure. Security. Documentation. Peace of mind.

Have an existing I.T. department? Our I.T. auditing team works with existing I.T. staff to improve your technology infrastructure. Whether you’re looking for an in-depth third-party inspection, or you’d like personalized coaching and training on improving your I.T. department, our network of experts are up to the challenge.

  • Inspection of I.T. assets, procedures, and documentation.
  • Written and verbal report of findings and recommendations.
  • Review of existing data asset and physical asset protection controls.
  • Systems security review and penetration testing.
  • Review of existing corporate information security policy.

Project Peer Review

Affordable & Thorough Review for Projects of Any Size.

It’s all about checks and balances. When it comes to large-scale I.T. projects and purchases, many corporate and government organizations require that project specifications be peer-reviewed by a third-party. Peer review is generally low-cost and has many benefits, the most notable being fraud prevention. Our certified experts will review your project for appropriate costs for both physical and software purchases, appropriate fees, and we’ll make sure that the implementation is the best and most cost-effective way to address your needs.

Expert Consulting

Future-proof your I.T. infrastructure. Let us guide the way.

There’s always room to improve. We have years of experience working with a variety of businesses. We’ll evaluate your computers, servers, network infrastructure, and security, and recommend important areas for improvement. Our goal is to streamline workflow, and prevent future I.T. issues.

Making a purchase?

We (and our dozens of industry partners) can help with that.

During our years spent working with businesses just like yours,  we’ve made a few friends in the industry. If you’re planning an upgrade or purchase, chances are that we have a contact who can help. We’ve established working relation relationships with companies like Cox Communications, AT&T Business, Intuit Enterprise Solutions, Dell, as well as a number of California-based data-system installers, security auditors, and business service providers.

Cloud Services Can Save You Time and Money

So can we. Cloud services allow secure data access from anywhere in the world. We’ll show you how cloud services can streamline management and security of things like data access, documents, email, calendars, file storege, etc.  Say goodbye to file servers, VPNs, network shares, email servers, and everything else that’s holding you back. Say hello to easy.