How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

shopping cart abandonment

In order to complement marketing’s efforts of bringing more traffic to the website, the website should reduce the likelihood of shopping cart abandonment. Shopping cart abandonment occurs when customers decide to leave the website during the checkout process. Reducing this abandonment will increase sales without having to attract more visitors to the website.

According to a white paper entitled Digital Window Shopping, published by McAfee, which uses results of a survey by comScore on why shoppers choose to abandon their carts and not push through with a purchase, it found that cart abandonment is usually due to the following reasons:

  • Why people abandon their shopping cartsHigher than expected shipping fees: 46%
  • Decided to comparison shop before purchasing: 37%
  • Still looking for discount coupons: 27%;
  • Preferred to shop offline: 26%;
  • Limited payment options: 24%;
  • Item out of stock was unavailable upon checkout: 23%;
  • Unsatisfactory customer support: 22%;
  • Credit card and data security concerns: 21%.

Determine Where Website Shopping Cart Abandonment Occurs

In addition to using reports and statistics from the shopping cart program, the e-commerce business should consider using programs and services to find out the source of shopping cart abandonment and give you valuable information on what needs adjustment.

A good example is Google Analytics. This web analytics software provides detailed statistics about the visitors to the website, as well as allows the business to create multiple codes to place on each check-out page to track where customers are exiting during the process. Another method is by setting up the funnel.

General Tips to Reduce Online Shopping Cart Abandonment

Tips to reduce online shopping cart abandonmentIn addition to reviewing the statistics and reports generated from Google Analytics as well as from the shopping cart software used, an e-commerce business can take the following general steps to reduce shopping cart abandonment:

  1. Reduce the number of steps.
  2. Disclose shipping costs early in the process.
  3. Clearly display a link to the shipping and return policy.
  4. Secure the form and display a security icon.
  5. Display a money-back guarantee.
  6. Offer a variety of payment options.
  7. Seamless integration into the website.
  8. Encourage customer reviews.
  9. Allow customers to save their shopping cart or add items to a wish list.
  10. Send a reminder e-mail to customers that left without completing the checkout.
  11. Add a live customer service instant messenger.
  12. Offer a price guarantee.
  13. Use an exit survey for visitors abandoning the cart.
  14. If the site uses cookies, ensure cookies are not needed to complete the checkout so sales are not lost from those with their cookies turned off.
  15. Provide cross- and up-sells at the checkout to add value to order.

Adjust the Checking Out Process to Increase Internet Sales

Reducing shopping cart abandonment is an effective method for increasing Internet sales without having to attract additional customers.